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Committed to Premium Quality Citrus.

Invested in our Community and Environment.


We believe that each person is valuable and treat all people with respect and dignity

We acknowledge differences and encourage interaction of different views.

We recognise operational order and perform tasks timely and at high quality.


We take care of our environment and our community.

We strive to develop the potential of our employees and invest in our community.

We leave our environment in a better condition than what we received it.


We will never comprise our position with regards to our values and what we believe is right.

We will act ethically at all times and strive to exceed the industry standard.

We are transparent, we hide nothing.

Our Story

Nestled in the fertile Gamtoos Valley, world-renowned for producing excellent quality citrus that has a distinctive “sought-after” taste, you will find the heart of Quacha Farms.

Here In 2002 this family-run-business started with a mere 32 Ha.  The mandate was: Produce Premium Quality Quacha fruit; Commit to Sustainable Farming; Invest in our Community.

Along the journey we did not compromise on this foundation and in 2018 Quacha Farms has proudly developed into a flourishing, competitive business that includes farms in Patensie, Sundays River Valley and Melon. We are experts in soft citrus and lemons and export all over the world.  We are proud to present our flagship Nadorcott fruit produced with Quacha Premium Quality in mind. We value and acknowledge every person’s role in this process and actively invest in our communities’ future.  The future is important to us, so all farming practices is done with sustainability in mind.

Quacha Quality citrus is produced with respect, stewardship and integrity. We never compromise on Quacha Quality.